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Tidy Up Tuesdays

Tidy Up Tuesdays is a program with the persepctive that a clean city is a healthy city. A clean city feels safe and welcoming, wehere people and businesses are proud to live, work, learn, and play. The slogan of Tidy Up Tuesdays encompasses the ease of the program and the investment we are looking for: 10 minutes, 10 a.m., Tuesdays. Anyone can participate and the participants get to decide on how to make use of the 10 minutes. 

We are challenging businesses and residents of Brandon to spend a few minutes out of your Tuesday morning routine to go outside with a friend or coworkers and pick up any loose refuse, pull some weeds, sweep the sidewalk if needed. It is a weekly effort to spruce up your surroundings with the philosophy that many hands make light work. For businesses, this is an opportunity for a little friendly competition with your business neighbours in the name of civic pride and environmental responsibility. 

We are putting together Tidy Up Tuesday kits sponsored by Home Hardware and Guardian Fencing to give out to businesses and individuals who want to participate. The kits are pretty simple and will contain things like disposable gloves, garbage bags, a safety sheet, and a decal to stick up on the window of the business to let folks know you take pride! To keep the program interesting and engaging as the weeks pass, there will be a hashtag campaign for a chance to win a fair trade coffee break with the support of Coffee Culture each week. When you are out Tidying Up, take a photo of your crew and post it to either Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram with #TidyUpTuesdays sometime on Tuesday and one winner will be selected on Wednesday each week and brought a carafe of fair trade coffee on Friday morning.

The program will run from May 15th for 18 weeks into September.

To sign up and get your kit, please contact 204-729-2257 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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