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Open Garden Tours

Our annual Open Garden Tours is a two-day event where visitors get to view and learn about some of Brandon’s most breath-taking gardens, both public and private, through self-guided tours. It is an opportunity for Brandon’s gardening community to showcase their immense talents, and visitors get a chance to learn about different flowers, new techniques, and innovative designs for their own gardens!  The tours also run in conjunction with Heritage Brandon’s Doors Open Tours. This event takes place July 21st - 22nd and allows citizens to tour some of Brandon’s beautiful historic buildings and learn more about the city’s heritage. Together, they create the program Open Brandon. These events have become very popular over the last few years. It is a neat way to see another side of our beautiful city! This event is free and requires no registration.

This year we are inviting nominations for the Open Garden Tours. Nominate yourself, a neighbor, friend, or front yard that inspires you! Fill out the Open Garden Nomination Form to enter.

This year's tours will run on Saturday, July 14th and Sunday, July 15th 2018. Split in two time slots, there is a diverse set of options for your viewing pleasure. Gardens also include local artists and musicians who showcase their talents in order to provide an even brighter ambience!

Open Brandon passports will be available on Wednesday, July 2nd at both Sobey's locations, City Hall, and the Riverbank Discovery Centre. This passport is an essential part of the Open Brandon experience!  It includes maps, addresses, names, pictures, and descriptions of all the properties for this years tours.  

Check out this online interview Brandon in Bloom and Brandon Heritage did with the Westman Journal:


If you have any questions or concerns, please call 204-729-2257 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

                   Open Garden Tours 2016 - 7 Moose Place     Open Garden Tours 2016 - 68 Waverly Place          

                   Open Garden Tours 2016 - 754 Brentwood Village     Open Garden Tours 2016 - 2233 Lyndale Drive

                    Open Garden Tours 2016 - 555 6th Street     Open Garden Tours 2016 - 736 15th Street

                                                  Open Garden Tours 2016 - Daly House Museum


Thank you to this years sponsors:

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