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The Miracle-Gro Best Garden Selection Contest




Thank you to Scott's Miracle Gro, Communities in Bloom, all our nominees, and our wonderful judges for an Outstanding Best Garden Selection Contest - 2019!


Stay tuned and keep your eyes open for next year's contest!


      2019 Winners

Best Front Garden

             Esther Bryan

Esther Bryan

           Cory Messel

Cory Messel

Best Non-Traditional Garden

          XII Manitoba Dragoons and 26 Field Regiment Museum
          Memorial Garden

26th Field Regiment Museum

           Gwen & Rick Beam

Gwen Rick Beam

          Neil Gushulak

Neil Gushulak

Best Residential Edible Garden

            Stefan McGonigle

Stefan McGonigle

           Stefanie LaZerte & Alex Koiter

Steffi Lazerte Alex Koiper

Best Fabulous Business Front

          Carolyn's Floral Designs

Carolyns Floral Design

          Kim's Asian Restaurant  - Victoria Ave. 

Kims Asian Restaurant

Best Residential Floral Garden

          Greg Boguski & Joe Stouffer

Greg Boguski Joe Stouffer

          Bill & Barb Sutherland

Bill Barb Sutherland

Best Rural Floral Garden 

          Lyla & Jeff Perkins

Lyla Jeff Perkins