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City of Brandon Greenhouse

The City of Brandon's main greenhouse is 6,000 square feet and consists of three bays and is open year round.  All of the plants that are showcased throughout the city begin in this space,  whether it is from seed or from plug.  Poinsettias are grown from plug in the main greenhouse beginning the end of July for the Christmas season.  Easter plants; Chrysanthemums which are grown from rooted cuttings and Hydrangeas grown from dormant plants also begin in the main greenhouse in the winter depending on the dates for the Easter weekend.   There are also two cold frames which are primarily used to create the large boulevard planters.  Approximately 20,000 plants are started from seed and 10,000 cuttings are brought into the greenhouse as well.  These are primarily used for the city owned flower beds, boulevard planters and hanging baskets.  The City of Brandon Greenhouse team consists of one full time greenhouse tradesworker and four seasonal staff who are mainly responsible for all the gardens, planters and hanging baskets throughout the city.

There are 278 luscious hanging baskets throughout the city.  In, 2012 the City of Brandon introduced new hanging baskets that are environmentally friendly as they are constructed with recycled materials and also required less watering because of built in water reservoirs. The preparation work for these baskets begins in April and take about 3 days to complete.  There are also 204 large boulevard planters that are also environmentally friendly; most of them made from recycled materials and also require less watering due to the built in reservoirs.  The preparation work for these planters takes approximately one week and begins in May.  Both the hanging baskets and large boulevard planters are typically placed throughout the city the beginning of June (weather permitting).  The new containers and hanging baskets are extremely durable, efficient and cost effective.

In 2015, the parks department added 112 more nursery pot planters that are sunk into the boulevards between 13th Street and 6th Street along Victoria Avenue.  Since 2008, there are nursery pots also located at 18th Street and Victoria Avenue.

The City of Brandon is known for its beautiful floral displays and has been recognized in the past by the National Communities in Bloom organization.

For more information or inquiries about the City of Brandon greenhouse please contact: Tracy Timmer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.